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Owner + Master Stylist

Corene is an exceptionally talented extension artist and colorist with a specialization in blonding and balayage techniques. With over a decade of experience, she has established herself as an influential artist in the industry. As a dedicated professional, Corene has proudly represented L'Oreal Professionnel for over ten years, sharing her expertise and knowledge with fellow hairdressers through her travels and teaching engagements.
In her continuous pursuit of excellence, Corene firmly believes that the learning process never ends. This mindset is reflected in her impressive certifications in both balayage and color, which further validate her expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of her craft. With an unwavering passion for her work, Corene's approach to hairdressing revolves around enhancing natural colors and textures, rather than working against them. She appreciates the inherent beauty of each individual's unique features and aims to create graceful looks that accentuate their natural allure.
In 2021, Corene fulfilled a long-standing dream by opening her own salon, Salon Atlas, which serves as a testament to her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. While her love for her craft is undeniable, Corene's deep connection to the Near Southside community remains a profound source of inspiration. Through Salon Atlas, she strives to provide exceptional services and foster a warm, welcoming environment that leaves a lasting positive impact on her clients and the community at large.

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Master Stylist

Kristina is an experienced professional hairstylist with a career spanning over 8 years. Her true passion lies in building connections with her clients and helping them feel beautiful. With a keen eye for style, she excels at creating hairstyles that reflect individuals' personalities and seamlessly fit their lifestyles. Kristina's educational background includes graduating at the top of her class from the renowned Aveda Institute in Dallas, where she honed her skills. She began her career as an apprentice and remains committed to her professional growth by regularly attending continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Over the years, her enthusiasm for hair color and cutting has blossomed, and she eagerly looks forward to the future of her career. Outside of the salon, Kristina cherishes spending quality time with her family.

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Marisa is an exceptionally driven and passionate young stylist, constantly seeking opportunities to elevate her skills and expertise in the world of hairstyling. Her unwavering dedication to her craft fuels her ambition and inspires her to continuously evolve. With every client who sits in her chair, Marisa places a paramount emphasis on effective communication, ensuring she fully understands their desires and aspirations to deliver the flawless results they envision.
Marisa's true artistic passion lies in the transformative power of color and foiling techniques, as well as the artistry involved in crafting sleek and sophisticated men's cuts and long flowing layers. Being a curly girl herself, Marisa possesses a profound understanding and reverence for the unique beauty of curly hair. With her extensive knowledge and specialized techniques, she excels in enhancing and embracing the natural allure of curly locks, leaving her clients with radiant and confident hairstyles.
Renowned for her unwavering pursuit of perfection, Marisa's guests can be assured that they will receive nothing short of her absolute best. Marisa's dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends make her an exceptional stylist and a trusted confidante to her clientele.

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Master Stylist

Skyla is a true hair artist, using your hair as her living canvas. With a reputation for her expertise in creating bold transformations that perfectly match your unique lifestyle, she specializes in crafting mesmerizing "colorful creatures," achieving effortlessly flawless blondes, vibrant lived-in vivids, and seamlessly blended extensions.

As you take a seat in Skyla's chair, you'll find yourself engrossed in conversations about fascinating true crime stories she avidly follows and the enchanting world of horoscopes.

Apart from her mastery in hair wizardry, Skyla also embraces the role of co-parent to her roommate's son and takes pleasure in organizing imaginative, themed parties that ignite her boundless creativity.

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Master Stylist

Grace has an extensive background in the beauty industry, having worked in various capacities such as buying, product development, and trade shows. However, her true passion lies in working behind the chair, where she finds joy in transforming people from all walks of life and making them feel beautiful. With a particular expertise in dimensional blonding, Grace constantly seeks new challenges and eagerly learns cutting-edge cutting and coloring techniques. Her specialization extends to formulating natural redheads and vibrant colors, and she excels in problem-solving and color corrections, making her a reliable choice for hair transformations.
In addition to her proficiency in a wide range of services, Grace offers an array of hair enhancement options, including keratin and sew-in extensions, Uberliss smoothing treatments, and even perms, all designed to help clients achieve their dream hair. She prioritizes efficiency and open communication, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive consultation to ensure that client expectations are met and exceeded.
Originally from San Luis Obispo, California, Grace has honed her hairstyling skills in various locations across California and Austin before settling in Fort Worth. While pursuing her academic endeavors, she recently completed her Master's degree in Sociology and has returned to her hometown to embark on a PhD program in Rhetoric. As a dedicated professional student, Grace is committed to continuous learning and personal growth in all aspects of her life.
Grateful for her clients' support on her academic journey, Grace cherishes the opportunity to pursue her doctoral degree while simultaneously engaging in a career she loves. When she's not studying or tending to clients' hair, Grace indulges in her other passions, such as reading, watching scary movies, and spending quality time with her beloved corgi companion named Winston.

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Assistant/Junior Stylist

Meet Kristen, a budding hairstylist hailing from the heart of Texas, Waco. Having recently embarked on her journey in the world of hairstyling, Kristen is already making waves in the industry. Her passion for making others feel beautiful led her to successfully complete the cosmetology program at Ogle School, where she honed her skills and embraced the artistry of hair.
Kristen's commitment to staying on top of today's trends is unwavering. She believes in the importance of continuous education to ensure that each client walks out of the salon with their desired look. Beyond the salon chair, Kristen seamlessly transitions into the roles of a loving mama and devoted wifey, finding joy and fulfillment in her family life.
When she's not transforming locks and creating stunning hairstyles, Kristen enjoys staying active and basking in the great outdoors. As a true baseball fanatic, she can often be found cheering for her favorite team or engaging in lively discussions about the latest in the baseball world.
A proud left-hander, Kristen humorously acknowledges that things may forever seem a bit backward for her, but her unique perspective only adds to her charm. With her goofy and light-hearted nature, Kristen brings laughter and joy wherever she goes, making her not only a talented hairstylist but also a delightful presence in the lives of those around her.

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Master Stylist

Ashley embarked on her professional journey as an apprentice, igniting her path towards becoming a remarkable stylist. With a keen eye for trends and an abundance of talent, she swiftly earned recognition and secured a coveted spot on the esteemed L'Oreal Professionnel artist team in 2011. Renowned for her expertise in color mastery and the art of balayage, Ashley effortlessly sculpts stunning cuts that leave her clients feeling truly radiant.
Devoted to her guests' satisfaction, Ashley cherishes the time she spends behind the chair, ensuring that each person who entrusts their tresses to her leaves feeling their absolute best, both inside and out. Beyond her dedication to hair artistry, Ashley's heart lies in the stands of her son's baseball games, cheering him on with unwavering enthusiasm. When she seeks solace from the salon's bustling creativity, you might find her basking in the warm embrace of Mexico's sandy beaches, relishing unforgettable weekends under the sun.
With Ashley, you can expect not just a transformative hair experience, but also a genuine connection that leaves a lasting impression.

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Master Stylist

Marina is a seasoned international hairstylist with a remarkable 13-year tenure in the beauty and fashion industry. Her unwavering dedication to her craft, clients, and personal growth sets her apart. Marina's transformative journey began in 2008 when she had a conversation with a gifted Italian hairstylist, whose boundless passion for art, beauty, and fashion ignited her own artistic aspirations. Motivated by this encounter, she embarked on a comprehensive study of cosmetology.
By the following year, Marina had already secured a position at a renowned salon in her area, swiftly establishing herself as a rising talent. In 2010, her skills caught the attention of MTV Russia, where she served as a hairstylist, further honing her expertise and expanding her creative horizons. In 2013, Marina's commitment to growth led her to London, where she embarked on an enriching educational journey at the esteemed TIGI academy, having emerged victorious in a prestigious competition.
Over the years, Marina collaborated with distinguished fashion magazines and television fashion projects across Europe, seamlessly blending her love for travel with her dedication to her craft. Despite her globetrotting endeavors, Marina remained rooted in her passion, regularly returning to Salon Atlas in Texas to cater to her cherished clientele and nurture her dreams.
Since 2016, Marina has been an integral part of every Fashion Week, showcasing her artistry in iconic cities like New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. However, she consistently finds her way back to Salon Atlas, eager to work behind the chair and draw inspiration from her diverse array of clients. Marina's enduring commitment to her craft, coupled with her deep connection with her guests, fuels her creativity and ensures a memorable experience for all who have the pleasure of sitting in her chair.

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Stylist + Salon Liaison  

Three years ago, Cait made a life-changing move from Louisiana to Texas to pursue her studies at UNT. While on her scholastic journey, her passions took an unexpected turn, leading her to discover her profound love for hair. Cait's path led her to enroll at Toni and Guy, where she delved deep into the world of hairstyling and found pure joy in various specialties such as blonding, blowouts, extensions, and layering techniques.
Beyond her dedication to hair, Cait embraces a serene and mindful lifestyle. During her cherished days off, you'll often find her immersed in the tranquil practice of teaching and honing her own yoga skills. Whether she's gracefully guiding others through yoga or enhancing her own self-awareness on the mat, Cait finds solace and fulfillment in the harmonious union of body and mind.
Combining her artistic flair, technical expertise in hair styling, and her passion for wellness, Cait is an extraordinary individual committed to creating beautiful transformations, both inside and out.

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Master Stylist

Sharayah's decade of licensed experience in the beauty industry speaks volumes about her expertise and skill. With a remarkable background, she served as the National Cosmetic Director for Toni & Guy USA, demonstrating her exceptional talent and knowledge. However, her passion for education eventually led her to The Aveda Institute, where she dedicated herself to teaching cosmetology and skincare. Despite her teaching commitments, Sharayah remained committed to her craft, staying up-to-date and maintaining hands-on experience at the salon.
Originally hailing from New York, Sharayah has found her new home in Fort Worth, where she has seamlessly integrated into the local beauty scene. Her specialties lie in creating effortlessly beautiful lived-in color and capturing the essence of the coveted French girl hair style. 
While Sharayah is known for her transformative hair magic, her life extends beyond the salon. At home, she finds joy in chasing after her two energetic boys and their adorable pups, all with the support of her loving husband, Josiah.
With her wealth of experience, dedication to education, and a personal touch that extends beyond the chair, Sharayah is an exceptional professional who consistently delivers outstanding results for her clients.

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Master Stylist

Bio coming soon

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Junior Stylist

Skylar is a licensed cosmetologist who discovered her passion for hair during her high school years. With her cosmetology license obtained in 2022, she has since dedicated herself to honing her skills in various hair techniques. Among her specialties, she particularly enjoys working with vivid colors, bringing vibrant and unique looks to her clients.
Outside of her professional life, Skylar finds joy in pursuing her hobbies. Whether it's indulging in her love for coloring, binge-watching Netflix shows, or spending quality time with friends, she appreciates the balance between work and leisure.
Looking ahead, Skylar is determined to further her career as a stylist. She aspires to become the go-to person for her clients, providing exceptional service and creativity in every appointment.

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